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Let's all just admit it...

We linger at wedding receptions for the cake, and since 1985 we've been invited to thousands.

Large or small, our cakes, cupcakes & desserts are made fresh, baked with care using premium ingredients,

never frozen, and receive rave reviews.  All of our patterns are created by hand with buttercream.  

note...we do not work with fondant, offer "naked" cakes, use metallics or include fresh flowers.  

Cake Tastings

Cake Tastings are currently to-go only,

no in-lobby consultations. We are happy to discuss your ideas, and answer questions via telephone prior to ordering a tasting.

Cake tastings are by appointment only,

Tuesday through Saturday,

and held in our lobby.

We have seating for two,

and encourage and appreciate

smaller groups to better serve you.


Before booking your tasting,

please let us know the following:

- Date & time of wedding and reception

- Reception location

- Number of guests

- What you have in mind for dessert

- Design ideas

Need flavor suggestions?

We're happy to walk you

through popular flavor combinations.  

We can also check our calendar

at that time for our availability

on your wedding date.

Old School Betty Crocker

Shown with custom pillars. Finished on site.


Horizontal Stripe

Fresh flowers and

white board supplied by customer


Not currently available.

More Options

Smaller wedding or on a budget?

Happy to assist there, too.

Cupcakes, brownies & bars, cookies,

and pies are great options.

picking up a tiered cake?

See tips below.

Betty Crocker

Shown with custom pillars.  Finished on site.

OH, And                 Congratulations, 

          YOU TWO!

            For general inquiries about wedding cakes,

                            please call or email us.  


         Please include your phone number when emailing.


  Fresh flowers are not included.

 Flowers shown were provided by outside florist. 

Certain designs are not currently available.  

Call us for more information.

Ruffle, Lacework, Triple Dot



 Triple Dot

Shown with custom pillars. Finished on site.

Old School 

Betty Crocker


Here's some Know-How  to make picking up

a tiered cake a worry-free experience.


- Tiered cakes are boxed separately with the pillars and platforms already in place. Our staff will show you how to assemble the tiers.  

- We have a parking lot located behind the bakery.  We’re happy to help you load your vehicle.

- All boxed products must also be transported on a flat surface.

- Vehicle with AC is highly recommended. Cakes can “sweat” in warm temperatures, such as trunks.

- It's best not to run errands with cakes in the car. This should be the last one on your list. 

- We recommend that cakes are kept refrigerated until 1 to 1.5 hours before the reception begins to allow them

to come to room temperature before serving.  Cold cake has a firmer/drier mouthfeel, and can be less flavorful.

- Cakes are shown at time of pick up. Once an order has been shown, is accepted by the customer,

and it leaves the bakery, we are not responsible for any damage, product mishandling, errors, storage, etc.

   © 2003 - 2023 Icing on the Cake, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
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