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          Frequently Asked Questions



WhAt Are Your business hours?

Tuesday–Saturday 9AM–4PM, answering phones at 8AM. We are currently CLOSED Sunday/Monday with limited staff on hand to answer phones on Mondays. Watch for modified Holiday hours.  

CAn I pick up mY order before or After business hours?

All orders need to be picked up during business

hours when we are fully staffed.

Where is the best plAce to pArk?

We have ample reserved parking spaces conveniently located directly behind the bakery (take Lundy Lane) for

use by our customers while visiting the bakery.

How do I plAce MY order?

It's easy.  Call us or stop by during business hours. Orders require prepayment, which can be processed easily over the phone. Orders cannot be placed via email, voicemail, fax or social media.  See ORDERING page for more info.

How fAr in AdvAnce should I plAce MY PREorder?

We accept preorders 2 full weeks in advance, and recommend it, with the exception of Holiday weeks. See Home page pop-up for updates. 

Do ORDERS require prepAYMENT?

Yes. All products are baked fresh and require prepayment

to process the order.


Once mY order hAs been plAced,

mAY I cAncel or chAnge it?

Cancellations or changes to existing orders can be made

in person or over the phone only, and 3 full business days prior to the pick-up date. Note: 5 full business days notice during major Holidays and Graduation season.


We do not offer refunds. Order modifications and cancellations must be made 3 full business days prior to

pick up date to receive a Bakery Credit.



All lobby purchases require a number.  No need to take one if picking up a PREPAID order, not making a purchase or entering the bakery. 

Do You deliver?

We do not offer daily delivery of our products.


Do You offer INsIDE seAting?

We don't.  We do have two public benches located right outside the bakery, and a nearby park...the perfect spot to enjoy a treat.

Do You Accept personAl checks

And credit cArds?

We do not accept personal checks or Travelers checks.

We do accept VISA, MasterCard, and Discover cards. 

Do You ship Your desserts?

Our desserts are baked fresh and never frozen, so no shipping at this time.

Do You offer gift certificAtes?

Yes, the minimum is $10.00 and they can be purchased

at the bakery or mailed to the recipient. Gift certificates are redeemable for Baked Goods only.  

CAn I book A pArtY At the bAkerY?

We are unable to accommodate private parties due to

our production schedules.

Do You teAch cAke decorAting or bAking clAsses?

Not currently.

Who do I contAct for help or questions regArding mY order?

Call us during business hours.  408.354.2464.

Are You hiring?

Even if we're not hiring, we're always on the lookout for awesome, hard-working individuals.  Say hello!

See WORK HERE page for current opportunities.

Do You offer internships?

Not currently.

Do You offer summer jobs?

Due to the amount of training needed, we do not generally offer Summer--Only or seasonal employment.


Do You hAve A price list?

Because we offer so many products, sizes, and options,

please call us for specific pricing. 

CAn I hAve AnYthing I wAnt drAwn on mY cAke?

No hand drawn custom artwork available at this time.

We do not offer edible images, but can place one onto your cake if supplied.

Do You mAke shAped cAkes?

We offer round layer cakes and sheet cakes. We do not cut cakes into shapes.


We do not.



Yes, we do!  We’re delighted to offer alternative products* such as vegan, wheat-free, and flourless, as well as a variety

of baked goods that are dairy-free, nut-free, and egg-free. Please note that all of our products are produced in the same kitchen. Products that do not specifically include ingredients you wish to avoid do carry the risk of cross contamination based

on our processes.

*See SWEET ALTERNATIVES page for more info and Disclaimer.

CAN You mAke A fAmilY recipe thAt I provide?

Sorry, we only produce products using our own tried & true


Will You Alter Your recipes if I wAnt something Added or omitted?

Due to production in large batches, we are unable to alter our recipes, which can also change the integrity of our products.



Our focus is on retail at this time.


We can individually package many of our products.  

There is a charge after certain quantities.  Call for details.  


How fAr in AdvAnce should I order mY wedding cAke?

See WEDDINGS page for updated info.

Please give us a ring (bakery humor)1 month in advance. Prepayment required at time of booking.  Pricing subject to change if initial quote provided in previous year. When emailing, please include your phone number.

Do You offer wedding cAke tAstings?

See WEDDINGS page for updated info.

We do. Prior to booking a tasting, please call the bakery so we can ask you some important questions and check our calendar for availability. Tasting orders need to be placed

over the phone or in person, and at least 3 days in advance.

Do You offer desserts other thAn trAditionAl tiered wedding cAkes

for receptions?

Yes.  Many couples opt for a dessert table

instead of a traditional tiered cake. We have lots of options...cupcakes, cookies, brownies & bars, and pies. 

Is it difficult to pick up A tiered 


Click HERE for some tiered cake know-how to make it



Do You deliver?

Delivery not available at this time.

Delivery is generally available for 3-tiered cakes and larger, subject to driver availability, and if within our delivery radius. Delivery and set-up charges will be applied. 

        More Questions?

Feel free to e-mail us at 

or call us at 408.354.2464 during business hours.

We're happy to assist.  

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