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Please Note

We are now booked for donations through May 2024. 



Donating is important to us. We receive hundreds of requests

per year, and strive to fill as many as possible. We donate

desserts that will be auctioned or raffled, with funds directly

benefiting the organization. We do not make cash donations,

donate desserts directly to individuals or provide refreshments

for events.


While we are unable to accommodate every request, we give

thoughtful consideration to each one, knowing that requests

come on behalf of very worthy causes. We also vary our

donations, therefore we do not generally donate to the same

organization in successive years.

In addition to our commitment to community donations, we

also donate a portion of our Dog Bone sales monthly to the

Humane Society of Silicon Valley, run in-store promos to raise

funds for organizations such as Second Harvest Food Bank, 

and many other local efforts.


Please mail or email your request to:, using organization's

letterhead along with the date, nature of the event, contact

person, daytime phone number, and email address.

Last minute donation requests are more difficult for us to

accept, so we strongly encourage you to make your request

at least 3 months prior to the event. You will be contacted if

your request will be filled.  Donations are available for

pick-up during the week of the event.


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