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Placing an Order 

Our cases are loaded daily with a large variety of top-selling cakes, cookies, 

brownies & bars, and desserts baked fresh and ready to go.

Please see CURRENT MENU for what is in production this week.

If you want to order a specific product, we begin accepting  preorders

full weeks in advance, and recommend it.

That being said, we assess the number of orders as they are taken then determine if we're booked for preorders.

It is possible to reach our maximum order numbers for any given day in just one day.   

If it becomes necessary to stop accepting preorders, just call us the day-of and

we'll tell you what is fresh and available right then. We answer phones at 8AM.

All orders require prepayment.

We do not accept orders via email, voicemail, social media or yelp.  

We do not deliver or ship our products.

Email inquiries are not regularly checked on Sundays and Mondays.

Order modifications and cancellations must be made 3 full business days prior to pick-up date

to receive a Bakery credit, 5 days during all major Holidays & Graduation season. 

NOTE: Orders placed or cancelled less than 3 full business days from pick-up date are Non-Refundable.

See our FAQ page for our policies regarding order modifications, cancellations, and pre-payments.

No need to take a number if picking up a PRE-PAID order and making no additional purchases. 


Whole cakes always include a choice 

of complimentary buttercream roses or

candy sprinkled confetti, and a standard greeting.

We take great care to get every order right. 

Orders are shown at time of pick-up.

We recommend that orders are picked up

by the person who placed the order.

Once an order is accepted by the customer

and it leaves the bakery, we are not

responsible for errors, damage, product

mishandling, storage, etc.


Products need to be transported on a flat surface

to avoid sliding and damage during transit.

On occasion, certain icings can develop air bubbles.  

Simply insert a toothpick to release the air.


We accept cash, VISA, MasterCard, 

and Discover cards. 


Buttercream Rose
Golden Vanilla with Chocolate Buttercream
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