Cream-Filled Sandwich Cookies

made with buttery shortbread





   Bakery Favorites

Crunchy Gingersnaps

Brownie Pecan Chunkers

Coconut Macaroons

Studly Do-Right


Cranberry Pistachio Chip (seasonal)

Rainbow Sprinkled Sugar Cookie Daisies

Big Mint Sugars


Soft Glazed Cookies

 a tender, cakey cookie with buttery glaze,

and some of our most popular.


Harvest Moon

 Maple Moon

Pink Big Top

Mocha Moon

Salted Caramel Moon

Orange Blossom

Black & White

Egg Nog Moons (December)

Wheat-Free Pumpkin Spice



    Alternative Cookies

Flourless Crackle Jacks with Walnuts

Flourless Almond Macaroons

Flourless Hippie Chips

Flourless Chocolate Macaroons

Wheat-Free Chocolate Chip

Wheat-Free Chocolate Sandwich Cookie-O's

Wheat-Free Molasses Chews

Wheat-Free Pumpkin Spice

Vegan Top Notch Chocolate Chip

Vegan Double Dutch Chocolate Chip

Vegan Molasses Chews with Pumpkin

Vegan Ginger Chews with Cocoa

VWF PB Chocolate Chip (contains oats)

See SWEET ALTERNATIVES page for more options.

     Italian Biscotti

         thank you, Grandma Lena 

Twice-baked for crunchiness, jam-packed

with almonds, and a hint of anise seed.

We call them teething biscuits for adults.

 Classic or dipped in imported dark chocolate.



Buttery Shortbread

 did we really need to say buttery?

Crumble Bees

Citrus Sweeties

Brown Sugar Shortbread*

Lemon Poppyseed Shortbread*

Cinnamon Pecan Shortbread*

Savory Rosemary Cheddar Wafers*

*Sold bagged

Mr. Pete's Tail Waggin' Treats

Handmade with care just like our people desserts.  

Loaded with whole wheat flour, cornmeal,

and chunks of Granny Smith apples.

We happily send a portion of our

Dog Bone sales monthly to

The Humane Society of Silicon Valley.

"Pete Parsons" inspired this product, enjoying samples

tossed over our shared fence back in the day.

Sugar Cookie Cutouts

available during most major holidays.

Crunchy, hand-iced, sold by the bag.

Vanilla, Chocolate, Gingerbread (December)

Sorry, no preorders. 

Party Trays

Party Trays can be filled with a variety

of our cookies, mini Classic cookies, 

brownies, bars, bon bons and loaves.

Perfect for gift giving, BBQs, 

and when variety sounds like fun.

10" diameter, holding approximately

40 bite-sized pieces.

Our products may contain pit or nutshell fragments.

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