Holiday 2021


In an effort to be included in your family traditions, and to serve as many customers

as possible, we are offering a Holiday Menu of our most popular desserts.


We will begin taking "Holiday Week" (and also NYE week) preorders

on Friday, December 10.  We assess orders as they are taken,

but we do not have a set preorder cut-off date.



No order modifications or cancellations after Wednesday, 12/15.


No Refunds.


During the week of December 21 - 24 you'll find more whole cakes, whole pies, 

whole loaves, and a variety of our most popular cupcakes & desserts while supplies last.

PARTY TRAYS will not be available this week.


Please Note

We answer phones at 8AM Tuesday 12/21 and Wednesday 12/22

7AM on Thursday 12/23 and Friday 12/24 

Please call to reserve what is fresh and on-hand.


*Special Holiday Hours*

Tues/Wed/Thurs  Dec 21/22/23 9am-4pm

Friday December 24 9am-3pm

Closed  12/25 - 12/27

New Year's Week  12/28 - 12/31  9am-3pm

Closed 01/01 - 01/03 

Holiday Menu Options


Sold Out for Preorders Christmas Week

Banana / Chocolate / Vanilla / Red Velvet

Super Chunky Carrot (raisins & walnuts)

VEGAN Chocolate 6" 8" 10"  VEGAN Banana 6" only

VWF Super Chunky Carrot (raisins & walnuts) 6" 8" 10" only

WHEAT FREE Chocolate / Banana 6" only


Pound Cakes

Sold Out for Preorders Christmas Week

Serves 10-18

Maple / Toasted Almond available NYE Week


Whole Loaves

Sold Out for Preorders Christmas Week

Serves 8-16

Pumpkin / Banana Walnut / Banana Walnut Chocolate Chip

Almond Poppyseed / IOTC "Fruitcake"

VEGAN Pumpkin Crunch with pecan streusel

WHEAT FREE Banana Chip

Classic Pies

Sold Out for Preorders Christmas Week

Serves 8-10

Apple / French Apple / Berry 

Cherry (top crust only) Pumpkin / Pecan  

VEGAN Berry / Apple 

WHEAT FREE Berry / Pumpkin / Pecan   


  Cream Pies  

Sold Out for Preorders Christmas Week

Serves 8-10

Egg Nog / Peppermint Cookies & Cream / Chocolate 



Sold Out for Preorders Christmas Week

 Preorder minimum 6 per flavor

Swirly Cakes / Classic Chocolate / Classic Vanilla / Banana

Red Velvet / Coconut / Egg Nog / Gingerbread

Super Chunky Carrot (raisins & walnuts)

Ask about "Holiday" varieties

VEGAN Chocolate / Banana 

WHEAT FREE Chocolate / Banana

VWF Super Chunky Carrot (raisins & walnuts)

Brownies & Bars

Sold Out for Preorders Christmas Week

Preorder 1/4 or 1/2 sheet

Dark Chocolate Brownies / Walnut Brownie / Lemon Bars / S'Mores Bars

VWF Chocolate Chip Brownies 8 x 8 square only

Cookie Varieties

"Classic" Cookies (min 4 per flavor)

Mini "Classic" Cookie varieties (min 1 dozen per flavor)

Pink Big Tops / Maple Moons / Egg Nog (min 6 per flavor) Sold Out Preorders Christmas Week

Big Mint Sugars (min 6)Sold Out Preorders Christmas Week

Crumble Bees / Plain or Chocolate dipped (min 6) Sold Out Preorders Christmas Week

"Holiday" Sugar Cookie Daisies (min 6) Sold Out Preorders Christmas Week

DAIRY FREE/FLOURLESS Hippie Chip (min 4/8/12) 

VEGAN Top-Notch Chocolate Chip (min 6/12/18)

VWF PB Chocolate Chip (min 6/12/18)


Bake-at-Home Dough Logs

Chocolate Chip / Snickerdooodle


Bread Pudding

Sold Out for Preorders Christmas Week

9" round - Serves 8-10

Cinnamon Raisin / Egg Nog