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Our Shrine to Easy-Bake Ovens!
My 1965 turquoise Easy-Bake Oven deserves some credit. I should have known there would be a bakery in my future when half of the cake batter was eaten before it even passed under the light bulb.

Icing on the Cake is all about nostalgia. The pleasure of baking began for me as a little girl making sawdust pies in plant saucers in the backyard. When I was strong enough to pull a chair to my

mother's side, I would be a part of her weekly ritual of keeping our family's cookie jar full. Opening my lunch box to find a homemade treat was pure joy.

As an adult, I still love when butter and sugar come together in a mixing bowl. Creating desserts as well as sharing them is definitely what I'm meant to do in this lifetime. I'm doing what I love. Maybe it's being Italian that plays such a part in the pleasure of knowing that so many people enjoy our handmade desserts.

With absolutely no formal training or food-related job experience, the opportunity came in September of 1985 to open the bakery in a little house just off N. Santa Cruz Avenue in Los Gatos, California. Never afraid of hard work, I knew that the bakery would only succeed and dove right in.

Mixer and Candles The aroma of freshly baked desserts wafted outside but Icing on the Cake became known as one of the town's best-kept secrets and easy to miss if you weren't one of our devoted regulars. With the help of a handful of dedicated employees who shared my passion, our cases were filled daily with made-from-scratch cakes, cookies, brownies, pies and cupcakes (long before they became their own food group). Word soon spread that there was a buttery little bakery in downtown Los Gatos worth seeking out. And so they came. Save Room For Dessert!

We grew steadily over the years and expanded the wholesale portion of our business into a nearby commercial kitchen. After 15 years of learning and growing, we relocated to 50 W. Main Street in February, 2001. The bigger space allowed us to combine our retail and wholesale operations under one roof. Then, in October, 2013, we expanded into the adjacent 68 W. Main Street space and now occupy the entire building. With expanded lobby and kitchen areas, we now offer our customers an even greater selection of baked goods and merchandise, together with more counter space for cake consultations and the like.

Icing on the Cake and it's dedicated staff continue to offer premium products, which also include wheat-free, flourless and vegan desserts. If you're not familiar with the bakery, we hope our website will give you a taste of what makes Icing on the Cake so special until you can experience our desserts for yourself. These are the desserts you think about, crave and love. Just what I set out to create back in 1985.


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