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Thanksgiving 2022 


In an effort to be included in your family traditions, and serve as many customers

as possible, we are offering a Thanksgiving Menu of our most popular desserts.


We begin taking Thanksgiving Week preorders on

Thursday, November 10, and assess orders as they are taken.

We do not have a set preorder cut-off date.

We recommend preordering via telephone.

No order modifications or cancellations after Wednesday, 11/16.

No Refunds.



On November 22 - 26, we will ONLY offer whole cakes,

whole pies, whole loaves, and a nice selection of our most popular

cookie varieties, and cupcakes while supply lasts.

We will have a broader range of individual products

on Saturday, 11/26.

PARTY TRAYS not available.

Call us as early as 7AM on Tuesday / Wednesday

11/22 & 23 to reserve what is fresh and on hand.


*Thanksgiving Hours*

OPEN Tuesday/Wednesday 11/22 - 23  9am-4pm

CLOSED  Thursday/Friday  11/24 - 25

OPEN Saturday 11/26  9am-4pm

Thanksgiving Menu Options


Banana / Chocolate Sold Out

Super Chunky Carrot with raisins & walnuts Sold Out

Pumpkin Ribbon 8" single only Sold Out

VEGAN Chocolate 6" 8" 10"  Sold Out

WHEAT FREE Banana 6" only  Sold Out

VWF Super Chunky Carrot with raisins & walnuts 6" 8" 10" only Sold Out


Whole Loaves 

Serves 8-16 

Pumpkin / Banana Walnut / Almond Poppyseed Sold Out

VEGAN Pumpkin Crunch with pecan streusel Sold Out

WHEAT FREE Pumpkin with orange glaze Sold Out

Classic Pies

Serves 8-10

Berry / Apple / French Apple / Cherry Sold Out

Pumpkin / Pecan  Sold Out

VEGAN Berry / Apple / Pumpkin Sold Out

WHEAT FREE Berry / Pumpkin / Pecan Sold Out


  Cream Pies 

Serves 8-10

 Pumpkin Cream Sold Out

Chocolate Cream Sold Out

Pound Cakes 

Serves 12-20

Maple Harvest Crunch with pecan streusel Sold Out

VEGAN Almond Sold Out



 Preorder minimum 6 per flavor

Classic Chocolate / Banana / Pumpkin / Apple Cider Sold Out

Super Chunky Carrot with raisins & walnuts Sold Out

VEGAN Chocolate / Pumpkin Sold Out

WHEAT FREE Banana / Pumpkin Sold Out

VWF Super Chunky Carrot with raisins & walnuts Sold Out

Brownies & Bars 

Preorder 1/4 or 1/2 sheet

Pecan Pie Bars / Pumpkin Pie Bars / Lemon Bars Sold Out

Dark Chocolate Brownies / Walnut Brownies Sold Out

VWF Chocolate Chip Brownie (oat & almond flour) 8x8 only Sold Out


Cookie Varieties 

"Classic" Cookies (minimum 4 per flavor)

Mini "Classic" Cookie varieties (min 1 dozen per flavor)

DAIRY FREE/FLOURLESS Hippie Chip (minimum 4/8/12) 

VEGAN Top-Notch Chocolate Chip (minimum 6/12/18)

VEGAN Molasses Chew with pumpkin (minimum 6/12/18)

VWF Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip (minimum 6/12/18)


Bake-at-Home Dough Logs

Chocolate Chip / Snickerdooodle


Bread Pudding 

9" round - Serves 8-10

Cinnamon Raisin  

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